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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  September 14, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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their homes. rob roth has the stories of those first responders. first we go to maureen naylor who's is live tonight in san bruno. >> reporter: frank, that ntsb briefing is about to start in a few minutes behind me. today the city declared this a disaster area while the emotional toll is still being felt by some residents here. the images of charred remains in the middle of this san bruno neighborhood are still tough to grasp. burned out cars, stairs leading to nowhere. and for the family living next to the devastation, life is on hold. >> at least six months until we can get back into the house. how are you going to bring a two and don't know if i can com to this. >> reporter: and some children are haunted by the sounds of
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the fire. >> every time you hear the revs of engines or planes, it's the exact same sound that came. i can see why people thought it was an airplane. because it had that same kind of revving sound. and in fact, my kids are saying, is that the fire coming. >> reporter: pg & e crews worked on the neighborhood while the homes that have been green tagged are busy with insurance adjustors and clean up workers. >> some people running down the street, some people on fire. it was unbelievable. >> reporter: this couple dealing with surviving, says it didn't hit them until tonight. >> the sky is on fire, let's get out of here. and we were gone in a minute. >> i just broke down. as i was walking here, it's really hard emotionally. it's right here and living through it. >> reporter: across the street,
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the fire burned up to this man's backyard. he can't figure out how his home was spared. >> happy to be alive, at the same time, there's sadness. it's like a ghost town. >> reporter: more than a dozen homeowners who's homes are still standing are still not being allowed back into hair homes that won't happen until later this week. the ntsb investigators will be here for the next few minutes giving details on the investigation. we will continue to cover this and bring it to you live when it happens. reporting live in san bruno, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. in the minutes after the explosion, hundreds of first responders rushed to the scene. not knowing how many people needed help. >> reporter: at first we wanted to show you part of the what
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the blast zone looks like today here from clairmont drive, it was an inferno over there. firefighters and police officers responded to the blast. today some describe the ordeal from scene of chaos to fighting fires without any water pressure. today firefighters said that they were sure that this, was caused by a plane crash. >> we thought it was parking part of an airplane but we couldn't confirm it. then we learned it was not an aircraft and we were relieved because there would have been a lot of victims. >> when we tried to open the hydrant we found no water.
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it's a sinking feeling to say the least because you count on that water to be there. and if there was ever a time for it to be there, it was then. >> reporter: firefighters would not have been able to save the destroyed homes, even if the water was inact. the fire sent temperatures as high as 2,000 degrees and no amount of water could have stopped that destruction. >> we had homes on fire which jumped from home to home. that's one of the conditions of the delay. >> reporter: moments after the blast, some of the injured started showing up at near by fire stations. >> what we did is ask civilians to drive people with injuries to their face and arms to the hospital. >> reporter: they never knew if another gas line was going to blow at any second. >> we just got down there as close as we can, and started going knocking on doors and forcing doors open.
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and going out the back door of one particular house, feeling the flame that was very, very hot. and just thinking, we just have to start working back up the hill because we're getting too close. >> reporter: the fire chief told us that firefighters will have the opportunity to talk with counselors about what they went through, for most firefighters it will be voluntary, for a few it'll be mandatory. reporting live in san bruno, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. we've posted stories from firefighters describing the moments right before the explosion. it's our website at tonight for the first time, we're hearing the audio tapes from fire dispatch and energy crews in the first few minutes after the explosion. >> we need to do a law enforcement alert. call a fourth alarm for this.
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it appears we have a plane down in a neighborhood. multiple structures on fire. >> we have multiple houses, we have possibly several blocks on fire at this time. well as you heard there was some confusion at first as to what exactly was caused the flames. when everyone initially thinking it was an airplane. it ended uptaking 20 minutes before officials realized it was a gas line explosion not a plane crash. tonight the coroner identified a fourth woman that died in the blast. torrez' grandson says her
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husband and son are hospitalized with burns. a 44-year-old jaqueline greg and her daughter. and three members of the bullis family. forensic experts are examining bone fragments to determine if they were of those missing people. senator barbara boxer says the inspection of almost 12,000 miles of state regulated pipelines is not enough. >> senator feinstein and i are making sure that at the federal level where we have a responsibility that there's an immediate inspection of any pipeline that's an interstate pipeline that the federal
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government regulates, especially look at those that are close to residential areas. senator boxer also says, any investigation at the site of the san bruno explosion must be transparent. aaa is offering free tows up to 10 miles from san bruno for free even though the member is not a member of the association. help has been set up for owners. you can find out more on the the explosion and clean up by going to one of those three american hikers being held in iran is finally free this evening. sarah shord was released today from an iranian prison. tonight we have her first words as a free woman. and we will get to that story in just a moment.
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first we want to go out to that ntsb press conference. this is christopher heart updating us on the situation. >> excuse my vest. first i would like to talk about e-mails. we are starting to compile e- mails for people who have report of smelling gas and calling pg & e and what the response was. with almost 90 e-mail, only one of those e-mails reported that a person smelled gas, it was several weeks ago they called pg & e and they got a response for it. i would repeat that request that anybody who smelled gas contemporaneously and called pg & e we need to know about that. part of the reason we need to know about that is because that will be very helpful in our investigation. one of the things we're trying to find out, is, was the pipe, did it fail catastrophically or did it fail as a pinhole leak
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then meeting air and getting a spark from some place. if it failed catastrophically it means it's unlikely that there was a gas smell. if it failed by virtue of a leak then having a spark, then there would be smell of gas. so that is a very important fact for us in order to determine, help us determine the mechanism of failure of the pipe. so again, i put out the request if anybody smelled gas at the time just before this occurred and called anybody, pg & e or 911 number or the puc or anybody, please let authorities know or please let us know on the e-mail address which is sanbruno @ the pipes are now on their way back to washington. they are probably some place mid-continent by now. they left at the wee hours this
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morning. we are determined in the time line of events to determine about 20 -- almost 30 years ago, 1982 there was a pipeline failure in san francisco also pacific gas and electric. some of the recommendations we made in that related to response to emergencies. in particular making sure that responders were properly trained to respond to an emergency and also making sure that the valves that needed to be turned off were still functional. so a couple of the issues we'll be looking at relate to how quickly and how effectively they responded and that's one of the reasons that the time line is so important to us. it's taking us a while to compile that because the time line comes from different sources. we're compiling that from several facilities. >> as we continue to listen to christopher heart details the very latest from ntsb on the
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san bruno pipeline explosion investigation. we learned they have received 90 e-mail, one of which said someone smelled gas before the explosion, called pg & e. now back to the major development today on the three hikers being held in iran. this evening, sarah shorde says her first words as a free woman. rita williams has the story. >> reporter: this is a bittersweet story, still with no end. >> a very humble guy. >> reporter: that's the moment sarah shorde stepped out of an
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iranian prison with an advisory to the iranian president. >> i just want to tell you that i will not say anything but the truth in america. >> reporter: sarah then left on board a private jet to iman. >> it's been no actual court proceeding, so it's hard to know where the case will go. but i don't believe that there's any expectation that sarah shord will return to iran. >> reporter: shane bower and sean batl remain in prison there. officials call them spies but have never brought formal charges. >> these are young people that did nothing wrong. they are not spies. and they are caught in some political whirlwind. >> reporter: iran released shord because her mother who
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left berkeley last week to meet her daughter in alman say sarah is sick, depressed and found a lump in her breast. >> i'm happy. >> none of us are so naive as to not understand the tremendous burden that she now faces coming back. >> reporter: a burden because sarah shorde now a voice however guarded will do all she can, she says to try to secure the release of fiancee shane bower and sean batal. now starting their 100th day in an iranian prison. rita williams, ktvu. atrip in the bay turns deadly. tonight what the survivor says is the one thing he did that he now regrets and won't do again. i'm tracking that storm out in the pacific. get ready to grab the
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there were desperate attempts early this morning to save a man overboard, but unfortunately those attempts were not successful. it happened this morning at 6:00. we learned that victim was 77- year-old roland. >> reporter: it turned into something the survivors will never forget. >> basically like a car accident, a big crunch then water started coming in from the side. >> it was very scary, still is. >> reporter: this man declined to speak to us on camera but said his father was on the boat and died later this morning. the boat hit a strip of rocks. >> the boat just went over like
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on its side as it ran up on the rock wall. >> reporter: thomas dickenson says he went to work trying to pull everyone to safety. >> one guy i was trying to pull him in the boat. i seen another man floating by, i tried to help him. i had too much clothes on. >> reporter: one of the men thomas pulled to safety was his own father. >> i pulled him back on the boat. >> reporter: the owner launched his boat then beyond the first break water and to the right or north. it's a path his friends says he's taken hundreds of times. >> been fishing out here ever since he was a kid. >> reporter: this army corp. of engineers towed the boat
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back to the dock. >> definitely have a life jacket on at all times. >> reporter: kraig debro. lets turn now to our chief meteorologist bill martin: you talked about a storm in the tropics. and we want to know when it's going to get here. >> it is a storm isn't it. what's coming will be some shower activity at the end of the week. we've talked about it last night, we're going to talk about it more tonight. looks like you'll need those umbrellas. we go out to storm tracker 2 and you can see the area. i changed the satellite imagine here. and i wanted to show you the system i'm tracking. see it out here to the west of us. now that system is fairly significant, as it moves in it's going to bring increasing clouds and showers to the bay area by friday. here's how it breaks out. that system is strengthen as we speak. but it's a couple of days away.
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so slightly warmer tomorrow. extended forecast, the showers come in. so what's tomorrow? wednesday, thursday, nice. so next couple of days slightly warm days. low 80s. friday increasing clouds, maybe some sprinkles friday night. then we put rain in the forecast early friday into saturday. the forecast high is tomorrow. that's down the road. the reason i say it like that because again we're a few days out still. the timing is going to change. it looks pretty certain that someone in the bay area is going to see some showers. mainly north bay, but i think showers could reach as high south as san jose as we go into the friday, saturday overnight. so there's the system i'm tracking. i'll keep a close eye on it. i'll be back here in just a bit with your five day forecast and i'll show you in that five day where the rain is going to be. this afternoon the california public utilities
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commission started to listen to the mandate that utility insurance should pay for any damage. >> reporter: it is a proposal by the state's three private investor owned utilities, including pg & e. three years ago, a power line failed and set off a massive wildfire that caused a billion dollars in damage, injuries and deaths. as a result that utility's fire insurance tripled. the utilities says it's gotten worse since then. >> the cost of insurance have gone up significantly. the amount of insurance coverage that the insurance companies are making available has gone down significantly. so it's created a gap. >> reporter: the utilities are using the puc so have rate payers form a fund of money, more than a million dollars. >> they would only be paying whatever the insurance doesn't cover. >> reporter: under current
5:22 pm
rule, the utility can ask but the cpuc can say no. if the bill is adopted, it could cover fires and explosions. >> they are suggesting that the rate payers cover risks that the insurance is not willing to insure. >> the utility companies enjoy very high profits profits. >> the utility companies should work on reducing their risks. >> when you have manholes exploding, customers are wondering where the money is going. the solution is not for them to pay -- pay more. >> reporter: customer reaction is predictable. >> do something to keep us safer. >> i would assume they should be responsible if it's not the rate payers, then it would have to be somebody else and that would be the owners of the company. >> reality, everybody is going to pay for it basically. we're paying the rates right now. >> reporter: regardless of what happens with this request, pg &
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e says san bruno remains a special case. >> we don't intend to recover any costs for that tragedy in san bruno. >> reporter: it'll be a long time before such a proposal could become law and we'll be watching it very, very closely. consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. just a couple of days ago jerry brown joked about how bill clinton had lied. tonight, what some might consider a surprising reaction from the former president. whitman's nose keeps growing. >> reporter: jerry brown's campaign going on the defensive. what whitman's camp has to say about these ads. new at 6:00, what was once a pond, is now a fish cemetery. hundreds of fish turned up dead. the one thing investigators say is to blame. a night out on the town can already break the bank. now a new tax on alcohol can
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make it worse. we're monitoring a tax that may have you paying more.
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what some might consider a surprising endorsement today for gubernatorial candidate jerry brown. former president bill clinton is backing jerry brown just two days after a video clip showed brown questioning clinton's honesty. brown apologized. brown was responding to an ad by republican rival meg whitman which used footage from a presidential debate in which
5:27 pm
clinton questioned brown's ethics. brown's camp also released two new ad's today. one features whitman's nose growing. these are the first negative ads that brown's campaign has come out with. campaign manager steven glacier say they amount to political self-defense. and whitman's campaign has something to say about it. in a statement e-mailed to us here at ktvu. whitman's camp says, brown is doing exactly what a 40 year politician would do. jerry brown left california in a fiscal disaster with record unemployment and turned a $6 billion surplus into a $1 billion deficit. they go on to say, jerry brown has been an advocate for high taxes. coverage continues on the san bruno pipeline explosion
5:28 pm
including new information from the ntsb news conference that just ended in the past minute. plus -- >> tonight's game at the ballpark at at&t ballpark set to begin relatively soon. this evening we're going to explain how every single fan showing us will be helping the victims from that explosion in san bruno. coming up, we'll show you why the city is going to have to play political hardball to get its way. the black widow spider's severe bite
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5:30 pm's olout'noepitsls es al?doouha a o.. aschki. lcetoanitche.n ern't y,h'updu . aswh mte everyone is feeling really
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helpless about the situation here in san bruno. it's just one of several developments today, we learned the name of the fourth person killed. 81-year-old elizabeth torrez died when the fire consumed her home last thursday. there are three people all from the same family that are still unaccounted for. also san bruno called for a state of emergency which opens the door for more energy funding. and pg & e has set up a fund to compensate the victims. victims will get 10,000, 15,000 or $20,000 depending on the
5:32 pm
extend of the damage. the agency has been asking residents to e-mail them. ntsb says it has received 90 e- mails so far but that only one of the people who wrote in reported smelling gas. the ntsb says the reports fr residents are critical as it tries to determine what led to the explosion. >> did it f a il ka
5:33 pm
catastrophically or did it fail as a pinhole leak. we have more from the ntsb's latest briefing coming up at 6:00. back to that special fund raising tonight at the san francisco giants game. it is a crucial game for the giant which is means it will probably be a sell out. and the more people that show up tonight, the more money will be raised for the residents of san bruno. sal kas ta castaneda is here to explain how this fundraiser will work. >> reporter: the clean up from the explosion continued today and now many fund raising efforts have been launched to help people woo have lost everything. tonight with the san francisco giants play division rival los angeles dodgers, $3 from every ticket will be donated to a san bruno fire victims fund.
5:34 pm
giants third baseman sandoval was personally affected by the explosion. his mother who was staying at his house in san bruno at the time of the fire was safely evacuated. >> my mom is okay. my family is fine. >> reporter: sandoval says he will no longer live there, he will stay at a hotel instead. the giants office says when they heard about the tragedy, they had to do something. >> we cannot imagine the heart ache people have been going through. we just hope this is a small glimmer of help for those who have been severely affected. >> reporter: people we told about the fundraiser said the event means a lot for the moral of the community. >> everyone is feeling really helpless about the situation here in san bruno. i think it's wonderful that they are doing something that is going to directly benefit the people here in san bruno. >> i think the giants, they do a great job of just alerting people of things outside of
5:35 pm
baseball that need to be known about. >> i think the pennant race gives hope to people and it gives them the distraction that they need. i think while it's happening, nobody forgets the disaster. >> once again that was sal castaneda reporting. the giants are right in the middle of a pennant race. that means there's going to be a good crowd for tonight's game. the giants expect to raise about $125,000 to help out the victims of the explosion in san bruno. the california high speed rail project is hitting a a bump from one of its biggest supporters. the public meeting has been going on all afternoon, robert handa is there he joins us now with an update. >> reporter: the city would rather have the high speed rail train traveling underneath downtown not overhead.
5:36 pm
but the city doesn't have a say in the final decision, at least not yet. people in the planned 51 51 project are used to high speed rail already: at today's city counsel sill meeting, many residents and the downtown business association agreed. >> we like what la what san francisco, what anaheim are getting which is a tunnel with development on top of it. >> reporter: but the high speed rail authority doesn't like the under ground tunnel because it's difficult to build and it would come five times more than an overhead design. the message, san jose wants the tunnel option on the table or it wants direct input and final approval of an elevated iconic
5:37 pm
overhead structure. >> i'm thinking, disney world. the monorail, it's elevated. we like it. >> this could be another embarcadero freeway or it could be an iconic entry way. >> reporter: rod derdon acknowledges san jose could force the authority to do an expensive, time consumer environment report, an iconic elevated structure is reasonable. >> i think the high speed rail authority needs to spend a little more funding for the largest city in the northern state in order to have an iconic structure they can be proud of. >> reporter: some residents say they hope san jose is not just caving in. >> we must not allow ourselves to fall to the easiest solution so that the speed rail can come to a quick solution. >> reporter: live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2
5:38 pm
news. governor arnold schwarzenegger took a high speed ride in tokyo japan today. the governor road on an experimental bullet train. japanese trains are known for their advanced technology and safety. the governor says he can learn from each country's rail system. >> i think it's important that you learn very quickly that you need to look at which system is the most like the california challenge we are facing. >> reporter: the governor is on a six month trade mission. as of this evening, there's no indication that san francisco's munni drivers are going through a sick out. an anonymous flier asked them to call in sick today as the new rules went into effect. an unofficial sick out of nc
5:39 pm
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wall street sent a mixed message today. now the dow jones industrial average was down by 17 points to close at 10,526. the nasdaq was up by four points to end the day at 2,289. nasa is getting behind plans to hold the 2020 world expo fair at moffett field. details are still being put together. san francisco's number one business is on the upswing. hotel room rates rose in july.
5:43 pm
daily room rates in july were up% from a year ago. fisherman's whorf were up 10%. a new diet drug is getting poor reviews from the fda which is trying to decide if it should approve the drug. the drug lacaserin rarely passed the minimum threshold of effectiveness. with patients losing only 5 pounds, only up a few pound from those patients taking a placebo. the corn refiners association is trying to sweeten the imagine of high fructose corn syrup.
5:44 pm
the association says corn sweetener more effectively describes the product. skipping class and jumping right into the real world. the life of san francisco students making a difference in their lives and others. and i amtraking a storm, we will let you know where it will get tonight and where it will get tomorrow. what was once just another pond is now a fish cemetery. hundreds of fish turned up dead. and a night on the town can already break the bank. now a new tax on alcohol could make it even worse. we're honoring the controversial vote to charge you more for drinks. introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon.
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tonight a story about a san francisco school trying to change the face of urban education. immaculate conception academy faces a financial challenge as it tries to stay afloat. mike mibach joins us with the story. >> reporter: students from low income families take them out of classroom, launch them into the corporate world, preparing them for the challenges and successes they could soon face. the sound of office work in downtown san francisco, in counts receivable there's maddison rogert. >> it's kind of hard, what they do on the computer stuff. >> i already know how to stuff. >> reporter: and selina in the accounting office. >> i already know how to use phone and use excel. >> reporter: they are not
5:48 pm
students they are employees. mark downy is their boss. >> they sit and do their job. we have to stand back sometimes and say, gee these are just high school students. >> reporter: they are two of about 250 girls who attend the immaculate academy. a work study program founded by the jesuit's. we were at the school when the program launched two years ago, today we came back. >> terrific success with some challenges. >> reporter: matt strobie is business manager, he says about 60 companies jumped on board, some have already jumped off. >> in this economic environment, that can be a challenge. >> for college interviews i'll be able to -- >> reporter: selina knows the
5:49 pm
money they earn goes directly to school coasts but worth more than that is the experience they will tuck away as they move through life. >> i probably will have better people skills because i'll have met a lot of people. and probably more comfortable in different environments. and i'll have a better resume for college. >> reporter: ita says 98% of the girls received an outstanding or good mark in last year's performance ratings. mike mibach. coming up tonight at 6:00. continuing coverage on the one american hiker who was finally freed today from a prison in iran. julie haener is in the newsroom. late details on what we learned just within the last hour from investigators in the san bruno explosion. also, more on the dramatic accounts from the first responders on the scene. plus a mystery tonight
5:50 pm
involving what happened at a duck pond and why a criminal investigation is now under way. also ahead at 6:00, the judge, the new judge on american idol. tonight we're learning she is being paid a fortune. we'll see you at 6:00. >> thank you, julie. let's go back now to our chief meteorologist, bill martin. >> we have a few days before we have to have our umbrellas. >> it is, and as we come really close, you see fog in richmond. the fog is going to make it very far inland again tonight. partly cloudy tonight, coastal fog, tomorrow minor warming. thursday slightly warmer by a degree or two. then, looks like we have some showers in the bay area forecast. until then, we have coastal fog, temperatures there in the
5:51 pm
low 60s. the bay lots of 70s. and then inland just 80s. it's a fall weather pattern. we're still in summer. not fall yet. with this next weather system coming, this is an early season system. it's fairly potent. we could see 1/10 of an inch of rain in some area locations. the computer model right now, picking this thing up, taking it to the shore on friday morning. this is a drizzle event for much of the bay area. certainly the marin county, the headlands and out toward san francisco. watch what happened saturday morning. this could change easily and probably will change but this is the basic idea. saturday morning, there's the bulls eye. still in the north bay. there we are saturday afternoon. we see the issue we're having. looks like rain north. sprinkles south, maybe nothing for san jose. if you're in northern california, they're going to get some rain up there across the city. could see a half inch of rain. early season storm, lots could
5:52 pm
happen. right now that's the basic timing. what you will notice in the bay area, it'll be cloudy and it'll be not a typical summer weekend. it's not going to be cold but not as nice as next week weekend. back in the coast at 11:00. 82, 83 the warmest spot. 84 in clear lake, 46 cities where you live or near you live. we're in the height of fire season. won't be a bad deal to get a little rain. you get .25-inch of rain in the northern parts or in the mountains that helps firefighters a lot. doesn't get you off the hook for fire season but it helps a lot. so there's an upside for that rain. looks like we're going to get wet at least in some parts of the bay area friday into saturday. >> okay, thanks bill. it's a dream come true if you will for senator barbara boxer. her plan and lawmakers seem to
5:53 pm
be backing it she says will create jobs.
5:54 pm
you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones.
5:55 pm
on capitol hill, a long stalled bill cleared a major
5:56 pm
hurdle today. senator barbara boxer is one of the authors of the bill. >> i want to thank my small business and they are run by republicans, democrats, independents, they are not partisan for helping me see clearly why we needed to fight hard for this bill. a bay area business owner helped senators write the bill. his group small business majority represents business across the country. the biggest problem we hear from small business everywhere is that they don't ask have access to credit. also, that our tax cuts for small business here at a time when small business needs that. >> reporter: the measure would establish a $30 million fund that the government would use to encourage lending to small firms. democrats say that bill could create some 500,000 new jobs, a final vote is expected by the end of the week. stay with us, ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next. san francisco business say
5:57 pm
new booze fees could be a bust for the local economy. that story is coming up. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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it w very chaotic, cars were driving trying to get out of the street and we were trying to make our way into the fire. they were first on the scene and now they are telling their stories about the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion and what they did just moments after the disaster. and struggling vote in san francisco, a measure that could drive up the cost of alcohol is moving forward. why supporters want the mayor to stay out of it and who the increase could hurt the most. good evening everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we are just learning tonight that governor arnold schwarzenegger is returning from his tour in asian and will tour the disaster area in san


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